Writing – although mostly enjoyable – did involve some aggravating issues at times.  And like anything else I’ve done, it had its ups and downs.  The researching was the best part – especially when I came across a great find – something I hadn’t known about or seen before.  But the very best parts of my book-writing journey were the new friends that I met and the good times we had together.  And that also includes the friends that I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting in person yet, but have enjoyed so much by communicating on the internet and visiting on the phone.

Members of the “Gangsterologists” and the “OklahombreS” introduced me to new friends, new knowledge, and new laughs for my memories bucket!

Originally, I intended to write my book about my notorious Grandma Edna “The Kissing Bandit” Murray, aka “Rabbit” so that my daughter and grandson would know the true history of my grandma and her family.  After sharing what I was working on with some of my friends, they sort of pressured me into committing to working on getting it published.  I wasn’t sure that I wanted to share my family history – air the dirty laundry, and reveal all the skeletons in the closets.  But after a while, I decided what the heck – it’s a story that needs to be told.

Another thing has taken place during this journey, and during the last 7 years of working on my book – several of the friends and historians who had helped me, have passed away.  Although I am very saddened by this loss, and disappointed that they will never see the book that they so generously helped with, again, they are part of my favorite memories.

I’m very happy that I have finally gotten my book to the publisher, thankful for all my friends that have helped, and if I never sold a single copy – it has been a joyous journey!