“Run Rabbit Run” is the true story – the best I can tell it – about my Grandma Edna Murray and her outlaw gangster friends, husbands, and associates.  It’s not “politically correct” when it comes to quoting what was actually said.  Like the people I wrote about, it’s “gritty.”  Nothing is sugar coated because these weren’t the sweetest of people or times.

This book was written to preserve history for my daughter and grandson. When friends encouraged me to publish it for the public, I hesitated in doing so.  Once I got over that barrier and deided to go public with my story, I promised myself that I wouldn’t cover up anything and would strive to tell the whole story that I knew to be true.

There are some very personal incidents that were hard to talk about.  My author friend who writes about the gangster era told me she thought I was very brave to tell these things.

I’m not saying that I am proud of any of the crimes that my family commited. I’m not saying that I love them any less because of what they did. It IS what it IS, and everybody lived their own hell in the end.

This story is what I call my “True Crime – Grandma Edna Murray Biogaphy – autobiography – Family History Book.”  It’s a big book – it covers a lot – it tells a lot – and it is true.

Pam Paden Tippet