Although this took place a few years back – my girlfriend asked me to post it on here.

Trip Itinerary


Thursday, Aug. 5th, 2010

  Traveled to Joplin, MO to the Cracker Barrel where we met Larry Alloway (long time friend from Parsons, KS) for breakfast.  It started to rain pretty hard while we were there so the crew riding motorcycles, (Steve, Randall, and Lloyd w/Katy on back) chose to slip into their raingear.

Didi, Casey and I were tucked inside our trucks pulling toy-hauler and motorcycle trailers.

  The rain was over before we hit Kansas City, MO and the sun was out once again.  After several more stops at places that I can’t remember, we settled down at camp in Sioux Falls, SD sometime past my bedtime.  We were all pooped out and ready to rest.  Randall, Katy’s grandson, chose to throw his sleeping bag on the floor rather than bother with making his bed out. (He’s only twenty-one…kids can do that.)


Friday, Aug. 6th

  Another rather long day of travel was broken up by a nice break when we experienced the “Wall Drug” on I-90 where we had their famous “Roast Beef Sandwich”, among other “treats”, and shopped for various souvenirs that were a must.

  We arrived early evening at our camp MountRodney just two blocks from Main St., Sturgis, SDUSA.  Of course we were greeted with a nice rain shower immediately after we set up camp, but the beautiful rainbow that followed soon after made it worthwhile.

  Casey insisted that we all mount our motorcycles for a run up and down Main Street, and, of course, find a place to eat.  We had chicken-on-a-stick and similar vendor type foods and checked out many of the jillions of T-shirt and everything from soup to nuts shops.

  Once again we all crashed, worn out and in need of rest.


Saturday, Aug. 7th

  This is where my “old-timers” starts to set in, but I think we went to a Perkins that Lloyd had spotted for breakfast, and headed out towards Mount Rushmore.  I do remember that the ride was beautiful, the weather was great, and of course Mount Rushmore is always a sight to see.  I remember arguing with the admittance staff that my “Senior Card” entitled me to get into any “National Park” free of charge…but because of something to do with the parking facilities being run by a private organization, etc., etc., I lost that argument and had to fork over the dough.  All ended well, though, when Lloyd bought us some delicious ice-cream before we set out on the motorcycles again.


Sunday, Aug. 8th

  Didi’s family had come into Sturgis and we had the pleasure of meeting them on Sunday.  We had burgers for “brunch” and spent part of the day checking out vendors that we had previously missed.  After purchasing some more “much needed, of course” T-shirts, etc., we drifted our separate ways.  Didi and Steve spent time with family, Lloyd and Katy went off on a motorcycle jaunt, and Casey and I checked out the Knuckle and the One Eyed Jack’s for a few cold brews…of which, they tell me, I may have had a few too many.  (Can’t imagine that!)  Casey and I went to camp for a nap…Casey says he couldn’t wake me…I’m thinking HE had one too many, ‘cause Randall has him on video singing and playing the guitar on the Beer Deck at our camp.  (I’m soooo glad he didn’t wake me.)


Monday, Aug 9th

  After breakfast on Main St., we went to view the showroom of “Show Bikes”.  Those, you would just have to see.  They were un-describable…to say the least.  Everyone took pictures, but even those don’t do them justice.

  We went to the Full Throttle where Casey was mesmerized by the girls dancing on the bar, and rode out to the Buffalo Chip…that we think is over-rated.  Also went to the Broken Spoke that had the best shirts we had seen so far, we thought.  Steve bought Didi a really sexy little top that she wore to dinner, so I donned one of my “biker chic” fringed leather halter tops.

  We rode to Rapid City and had a fun dinner at TGI Fridays, but on the way, unbeknownst to me, the top strings of my halter top became untied.  At 75 mph, going down the interstate, something started slapping me upside the face.  Imagine my horror at discovering it was the untied strings of my top.  I’m trying to wrap them around my neck with one hand while driving with the other as the gang is pulling farther and farther away leaving me behind.  Finally I just crank on the throttle and come up beside Casey going about 85mph holding my top on with one hand and driving with the other.  He looks over at me with a stupid look on his face…I show him that I am holding my untied strings in my hand…and the crazy man just shrugs his shoulders like “so what’s the big deal”.  It was then that I nearly ran him off the road.  Of course he had to go up ahead and tell everyone that “Pammy lost her top”. Damn man never could keep a secret!


Tuesday, Aug. 10th

  I thought I had already ridden the most beautiful trails ever until we rode SpearFishCanyon…It was awesome.  Then we rode through the “BadlandsNational Park”.  That is truly a sight to see if ever there was.  We saw all kinds of creatures that day.  Little ground squirrels would run over our laps when we sat down.  Prairie dogs would stand up, look at us, and I swear one of them waived at me!  He was sooo cute. We saw lots of mountain goats in the distance, but what took the cake was the one that was standing right by the side of the road…I could have reached out and touched him…as I came around the curve.  Wow!

  Think we ate supper in Rapid City at South of the Border that night.


Wednesday, Aug. 11th

  Bye-bye, Sturgis…We left camp and headed across the line over into Wyoming.  Steve was hooping and hollering as we crossed the line.  (He is from Wyoming.)

  Of course we couldn’t miss seeing Devil’s Tower.  There were some crazy folks climbing the darn thing while we were there.  I could only see them through binoculars, and then they looked like little ants.  Didi was evidently feeling energetic, along with Randall (the kid), so they walked the almost mile and a half trail around the bottom of the tower.  Not feeling quite that energetic, I just walked slowly around the park until I found a neat rock that I slipped into my pocket.  Casey, who was lazily sitting in the shade of a tree, tried to tell me that we would all go to jail because “I stole a rock”.  I didn’t pay any attention to him though.

  We went on into Cheyenne where we had a pretty campsite.  Didi and Steve stayed at Steve’s parent’s home there. (Randall finally got a real bed to sleep in.)

  I’m not sure, but this might have been the night that Katy fed us milk and Oreo cookies for supper ‘cause we were all too tired to go eat.


Thursday, Aug. 12th

  I think we were getting lazy by then, because we all slept in that morning.  Steve rode out to our camp to say that Fred and Giesela, his Mom and Dad, wanted us to come to their house for lunch.  They fixed us quite a feast and it was most welcomed.  It was the first home-cooked meal any of us had had in a while.

  Leaving Steve and Didi to visit with his parents, the rest of our group went on to a campsite in Ft. Collins, CO.  We rode the Big Thompson River Canyon Rd. up to Estes Park and had dinner at a neat little restaurant tucked away in the mountain.


Friday, Aug 13th

  Being the superstitious person that I am, I was somewhat afraid to ride on Friday the 13th.  I warned everyone to be careful and Randall said it was his best day.

  We rode through beautiful EstesPark again and up to the RockyMountainNational Park.  It started out being a nice WARM ride, but once we started up the mountain, about every 2,000 feet higher, we would stop and add a few more clothes.  By the time we got to 12,183 feet, I was resembling an Eskimo and wishing I had something else to put on.  There was snow on the mountain (in August, mind you) and it was an awesome picture. Once in EstesPark again, we stopped for ice-cream because Lloyd was having withdrawals.   We rode the Big Thompson River Canyon Road, for the last time, with the sun at our backs, and I said “I take back what I said before…THIS is the most beautiful ride I have ever been on.”

  Coming back into Ft.Collins, Randall, who was riding behind Casey, got pulled over by the local P.D.  Seems he had lifted his goggles as he approached the red light.  We think the cop was just bored.  Anyway…No ticket, all was well, and guess it WAS his best day.

  Casey loaded my “Road Queen” into the toy-hauler, and I checked my trip meter to see that I had put 700 wonderful miles on her since we hit Sturgis.


Saturday, Aug. 14th

  Steve and Didi met us somewhere outside Ft. Collins at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast and we headed off down through Denver, stopping only if necessary, until we hit Guymon, OK.  Some of the “younger” of us went partying that night.  That wouldn’t have included Lloyd, Katy, Casey or me.  Ha!


Sunday, Aug. 15th

  Still looking at seven hours of driving time before we got home, after having a great meal at the café that Didi used to manage in Guymon, we hit the road.

  Somewhere along Hwy 412, we said good-bye to Lloyd who headed towards Tulsa.

  It was a safe smooth trip and those of us in the trucks had good conversation about what a very nice and fun vacation we had experienced.