Wow – I never would have believed what all is entailed in getting my book published! I have been working with Amazon since last November. No matter how many times you think you have updated the FINAL manuscript – I don’t think there ever is a final.

I’ll be the first to admit that my computer skills don’t rank in the top ten percent, but holy cow, how complicated can uploading a manuscript and photos be? Trust me – it ain’t no “piece of cake.”

Today – for the umpteenth time, I have been on my computer, communicating with Amazon, hopefully conveying my wishes, and praying that this will be the final update. One of the gals on “my team” – I’m beginning to believe that everyone has the same team, consisting of approximately 20 people – EXPLAINED to me that “…this IS an online publishing company.” Oh – well okay – what happened to the “we will be there at every turn” that was promised when they were soliciting my business?

Yes, it has been stressful day, and yes, I still have high hopes, and yes – I WILL get “Run Rabbit Run” available on Amazon in the near future.

Many thanks to my loyal supporters, my facebook friends, my family and friends, and to my dear friend – editor and indexer – Robert A. “Buffalo Bob” Smith.